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We are pleased to announce that Deakin Motorcycles can now offer NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen for your motorcycle tyres.
NITROTYRE is a high purity nitrogen gas, free of oxygen and moisture, with a molecular size FOUR TIMES larger than that of regular compressed air. A motorcycle tyre filled with regular compressed air loses between 1 and 6 psi per month, whereas a motorcycle tyre filled with NITROTYRE loses 2 psi in 6 months! In addition, the oxygen in plain old compressed air causes your motorcycle tyre pressure to continuously change. Tyre pressure remains constant with NITROTYRE irrespective of any temperature change within the tyre.

Fill and maintain your tyres today with NITROTYRE for:

  1. CONVENIENCE of significantly Improved Pressure Retention.
  2. CONSTANT PRESSURE irrespective of tyre temperature change.
  3. OXIDATION IS ELIMINATED ensuring optimum pressure retention with age.

YOUR 12 month plan from your NITROTYRE motorcycle dealer includes FREE: 
Replacement nitrogen with punctures, Nitrogen top ups, and Pressure checks.

To find out more about NITROTYRE Nitrogen Tyre Inflation feel free to visit www.nitrotyre.com.au

Frequently Asked Questions:

With NITROTYRE in my motorcycle tyres, do I still need to check tyre pressure?
If you decide to convert you tyres to NITROTYRE, you will find the tyre pressure to be much more consistent, however along with every other tyre manufacturer, we recommend that you check you tyre pressures at the minimum of once a month. Statistically only 15% of Australian motorcyclists check their tyre pressure regularly.

Is NITROTYRE high purity nitrogen explosive?
NO. It is actually extremely safe. Nitrogen is an inert, dry, non-flammable gas. It does not support combustion, so it will not burn. In fact Nitrogen's safety is one of the reasons it is used to fill tyres on vehicles that perform in extreme conditions such as competitive motorsport, military vehicles and commercial aircraft. Nitrogen is even used for storing and packaging of snack foods, coffee, and various other food items.

What does nitrogen purity mean?
If a tyre contains 97% Nitrogen, 2% Oxygen and 1% trace gases, then the nitrogen purity of this tyre is 97%. The internationally recognised nitrogen purity standard for nitrogen tyre inflation is now 95%, or no more than 4% oxygen in the tyre. To obtain the primary benefits of nitrogen tyre inflation, then the purity should be greater than 95%. The benefits of nitrogen tyre inflation exponentially decrease if the purity drops below 95%. The NITROTYRE brand is backed by a 96% purity guarantee.

How much does it cost to fill tyres with NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen?
We run a 12 month plan for $45 this includes you bike tyres converted to NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen and FREE: Replacement nitrogen with punctures, Nitrogen top ups, and Pressure checks.

What if I am riding out of town or interstate and my motorcycle tyre has a puncture?
If you are out of town or interstate, and you have a puncture, you simply get your motorcycle tyre repaired and re inflated with plain old compressed air. When you get home you can visit your local motorcycle dealer at any time to receive nitrogen free of charge. If you chose nitrogen you will receive NITROTYRE branded valve stem caps together with a 75mm round NITROTYRE Environment Identification sticker. This further identifies that the motorcycle’s tyres are inflated with NITROTYRE. The benefit to you is that, if you are out of town, and you have a puncture, you can phone 1800 NITROTYRE, select their state and postcode, and get automatically connected to the closest NITROTYRE motorcycle dealer. When you visit the out of town or interstate NITROTYRE dealer, you will pay to get you puncture fixed, and receive your NITROTYRE complimentary.

When I have NITROTYRE nitrogen in my tyres, do I inflate my tyres with the same PSI rating that I was previously using with air?
Unlike compressed air, NITROTYRE does not expand with temperature. We convert your tyres at the hot pressures and use 2 psi above the cold pressures.

Are my existing tyres on my vehicle suitable for NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen?
NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen works in any tyre and will work great in the tyres you already have. There’s no need to buy new tyres; you already have everything you need to start using NITROTYRE today.

Are tyres covered under warranty by the manufacturer if they have NITROTYRE High Purity Nitrogen in them?
YES. Tyres are still covered under warranty when nitrogen is used as the inflation medium. Using nitrogen has no effect on the manufacturer’s warranty for the tyre.

Is filling tyres with Nitrogen harmful to the environment?
NO. Nitrogen is a natural, inert gas that makes up 78% of the air we breathe. Using Nitrogen to fill tyres supports a better environment by saving fuel and reducing the number of tyres to be disposed of in landfills annually. We can all make a difference.

Is nitrogen explosive or a hazard?
NO. Nitrogen is an inert, non-combustible, non-flammable, non-corrosive gas. Nitrogen is very safe!

Do I still need to check tyre pressure?
YES. But, you should find the tyre pressure to be more consistent. While nitrogen will help you maintain proper pressure, you should still check your tyre
pressure on a regular basis as recommended by the tyre manufacturer.​

How does it work?
Plain old compressed air is composed of:

  • 21% Oxygen – Leaks out of tyre 3-4 times faster than Nitrogen
  • 78% Nitrogen – The largest molecule in air, dry, non-flammable
  • 1% Water Vapor and Other Gases – Escapes up to 250 times faster than Nitrogen
Because of their large size, nitrogen molecules are the least permeable and stay in your tyre longer. It’s not about the nitrogen. It’s about reducing oxygen, water vapor and other gases. By reducing the percentage of oxygen, water vapor and other gases in your tyres from 22% to 5% or lower, your tyres will
maintain proper pressure longer than if you use “plain old air.” It has been used for decades on commercial and military aircraft, NASCAR, Formula 1 and Indy race cars as well as heavy mining and construction vehicles.

What if I need to add air at some point and don't have access to nitrogen?
Not a problem. Just top off with air from any compressor. You may lose a little of the benefit of the nitrogen, but once you get back home just stop by Deakin Motorcycles and we will re-purge your motorcycle tyres for you free of charge.

Do I pay every time that I get new Nitrogen added?
No. The only time you have to pay again is when you have a new tyre or tube installed.

I have heard that Nitrogen actually helps maintain my motorcycle tyre pressures longer. Is that true?
Yes. A Nitrogen molecule is much bigger than Oxygen. The reason tyres loose pressure is because the oxygen molecules actually seep through the rubber and out into the air. Because Nitrogen molecules are bigger they cannot penetrate the rubber as quickly. On average tyre pressures maintain about 3-4 times longer with Nitrogen the regular air.

Where can I find out more about NITROTYRE high purity nitrogen for motorcycles?
For more information about Nitrogen Tyre Inflation click on the link below or stop by at Deakin Motorcycles.