Suzuki Motorcycles

Suzuki is up there as a monster brand in motorcycles. When it comes to Suzuki, you simply won’t find anything better in Mildura – or on the market – than you will at Deakin Motorcycles.

The Suzuki motorcycle is revered around the world for its polished class, high-power engine and all-round performance. From the race-track to the off-road adventure, Suzuki motorcycles are a great choice if you’re looking for a great riding experience.

Deakin Motorcycles knows Suzuki bikes inside out. As the dealer for Suzuki in Mildura and surrounding districts, we can help you find the bike you need.

We recommend Suzuki motorcycles for:

  • Motocross riders – the preferred brand of champions. In fact, Australian champion Matt Moss won the 2013 National Motocross titles on a Suzuki, riding the RM-Z450 in the titles.
  • Touring and cruising riders – with prime power-to-weight ratios, great style and comfort, Suzuki road bikes give you an awesome experience on the road.
  • Stock farmers – with great suspension and off-road reliability, Suzuki ATVs are ideal for farmers chasing sheep across paddocks.


Come in and check out the Suzuki range at Deakin Motorcycles. You’ll find:

  • Suzuki ATVs
  • Suzuki dirt bikes
  • Suzuki road bikes
  • Suzuki touring/cruising bikes
  • Suzuki kids’ fun bikes
  • Genuine Suzuki parts and accessories
  • Suzuki merchandise


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